About Us

About Us

SPIRIT provides a unique athletic experience for girls from 2nd through 10th grade. It is a place where girls have the opportunity to enhance their skills, increase their knowledge of and participate in a wide variety of sports. During each session, they attend team practices, receive workouts tailored to their abilities and compete in games. Individual skill improvement and a better tactical awareness of each sport offered are a focus of our camp.

Note: Campers entering 10th grade must speak with the camp director prior to enrolling.

 SPIRIT - a place to learn new skills and make new friends...

Our Philosophy

At SPIRIT, sport is the method we use to work with girls on their self-esteem, confidence, teamwork, cooperation, responsibility, leadership and fairness. We address these personal development areas each day and we teach their importance on both the athletic field and through daily living. We also encourage our campers to enjoy themselves, learn new skills and have fun with their teammates.

Our Program

Our program revolves around sports, but it also consists of a variety of other activities.

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Our Location

SPIRIT is nestled in the hills of Connecticut at the South Kent School, a preparatory school for boys.

SPIRIT makes full use of the school's dorms, dining hall, and athletic facilities when camp is in session.

Campers quickly get in shape by hiking to and from campus fields for practice sessions. Whether they are practicing, relaxing, or participating in some other activity, our campers always enjoy breathtaking views of the surroundings.

We hope you'll come and join us!

We can be found every summer from July through early August at:

 South Kent School

40 Bull's Bridge Road

South Kent, CT 06785

860-927-3935 ext. 288

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