Best Foot Forward

At Spirit we teach the girls to be the best
that they can be.

At Spirit we teach the girls to be the best that they can be. Who hits the most home runs or scores the most goals may matter in the win/loss column, but when the game is over, an individual must look at themselves and decide who they are and whether or not they put forth their best effort.

Realizing what your contributions can and should be is the true goal an individual is reaching for. We help girls define their “best” and focus on performing to that level on and off the field.

We live by the saying: A successful person is one who gives the most of herself while bringing out the best in others. During their stay at Spirit, our girls live this way. Each individual works hard at staying positive and supportive, and again, we teach how this relates to the success of a team as well as to relationships off the field.

On one of our Family Visiting Days, we had a mother who had traveled eight hours to pick her daughter up tell us a story that brought tears to her eyes. She watched as a group of 10 – 12 year old Spirit campers ran a mile with the hopes of improving individual times they had run earlier in the week. One camper finished her run with her best time of the week, crossed the finish line, and immediately ran back across the field and started running along next to another camper who was obviously struggling. She started talking to the runner as she ran alongside of her. As she paced her camp friend to the finish line, she was continuously cheering her on, telling her she knew she could do it, told her to believe in herself, focus on her breathing and see the finish line. Her support was totally unprompted and spontaneous. That kind of support happens regularly at Spirit practices and games.

The attitudes and the behaviors of the girls at camp keep us smiling year after year. The individual growth and the positive effect our program has on the girls who spend time with us are priceless.
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