"At Spirit I feel confident because I’m me.”

Kate Welch, Past Camper

Hi Margie! I hope you and your family are all doing well! I just wanted to update you with some exciting news. As you might know, I was hoping to be recruited to a D1 school for crew. A few weeks ago, I signed a National Letter of Intent to row for The George Washington University. I'm sure you get emails like this all the time from girls talking about how much Spirit has affected them in various aspects of their lives, but I can truly say that everything I learned at Spirit helped me to be recruited to my number one school. You taught me how to communicate with adults, and I remember one summer you explained how important a handshake is. Since that summer, I have always made sure to look people in the eye and offer a firm handshake.

I cannot even tell you how many college coaches have commented on my handshake. In fact, one coach at a college fair told me that my handshake was the best they had received all day, and that meant a lot especially considering they had met/spoken to hundreds of athletes that day. I think many girls feel uncomfortable or awkward when they have to shake peoples hands, especially when it is adults, but I am always confident and ready to offer a handshake, and I owe that to you. Basically, this email is my way to thank you for everything you have taught me the past 7 summers, and I want you to know that I have taken what I have learned at Spirit and applied it to my everyday life. I cannot thank you enough. Tell everyone I say hello, and have a merry Christmas. Sincerely,

Michael Thomson, Ph.D. Parent, Psychologist Co-Author of New York’s Best Seller: Raising Cain and Best Friends, Worst Enemies

"Spirit Sports Camp was a tremendous experience for Joanna...She came back to us a stronger, healthier and more purposeful girl...She has a lot of innate talent and having her play with other girls who can challenge her was a goal of ours that was fulfilled...The goal-setting was especially successful for Joanna. She’s never been asked to set goals in that way, and felt good about reaching them...She came home talking about how much she wants to play Varsity at Spirit next summer.”

John A., Sagamore Beach, MA, Parent

“My two daughters ( both grown now ) have blossomed into loving, kind and positive models for their own children. Where did they learn these principles? At Spirit Sports Camp which they attended every year almost from the day they could run and throw. The lessons they learned on the field shrink in comparison to the many life lessons they learned off the field at Spirit that they've manifested throughout their lives."

Mary Jane C., Sudbury, MA, Parent

“Your camp was a wonderful experience for our daughter. It really was a turning point for her in looking forward with enthusiasm and confidence to ninth grade.”
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