Spirit Sports Camp Highlights

Camp Olympics/Color Wars

A favorite with our campers for years! The campers are divided into five “even” teams each identified by color (black, blue, green, red, yellow). A two-week competition of athletic events, spirited songs and team-oriented activities are held prior to announcing the winner.

Daily Themes

Each day has a theme that gets carried through our practices and activities. Campers discuss the value of these personal development areas and how they affect the success of a team. We also discuss how these attributes can be used in everyday living -- in the dorms, in the dining hall, at home and at school.

Goal Setting

On day one, we teach the girls how to set challenging yet realistic goals on and off the fields. Then our advisors and coaches work with the campers as they learn how to achieve those goals. We pride ourselves in the girls’ ability to continue goal setting at home and at school once camp is over.


During afternoon or evening activity periods, we promote the qualities of a positive and healthy person while engaging in a non-
competitive game, a group discussion or skit that addresses 
goal-setting, confidence, self esteem, cooperation, teamwork, responsibility, leadership and/or fairness.

Camp Sisters

This program provides an opportunity for campers to interact with girls of different ages. Our older campers are matched with younger campers and an arena is set for them to participate in activities that span the ages.

Varsity Extra Help Sessions

During free time or activity periods, campers in grades 8-10 receive extra help in any sport they choose.

Summer Home
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Off Season Home
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