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At Spirit, each camper designs her own schedule with the help of her advisor on the first day of camp. Campers in grades 5 and above choose 4 sports and/or electives in which to participate. Freshmen campers experience most of the sports we offer and choose the electives they are most interested in.

We emphasize teaching each player how to fully reach her potential in each of her chosen sports. Our exercises, drills, and training games are designed to teach individual techniques and tactics through creative and motivating sessions in an environment of positive reinforcement and communication. All sports are taught using the simple coaching principle that people learn and develop skills most quickly when they are

having fun and playing in a positive and healthy environment. We encourage campers to be the best they can be, and teach them to set goals and measure their own improvement.

At Spirit, sport is the method we use to work with girls on their self-esteem, confidence, teamwork, cooperation, responsibility, leadership and fairness skills. We address these personal development areas each day and we teach their importance on both the athletic field and through daily living. We also encourage our campers to enjoy themselves, learn new skills and have fun with their teammates.
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As with all the sports we teach, an integral part of the SPIRIT camp experience is the cultivation of sportsmanship and individual mental skills.

Our basketball sessions provide the opportunity for participants of any skill level to learn and practice the fundamentals of basketball (court awareness, dribbling, passing, rebounding, defense, footwork, and shooting techniques).

Strategic thinking and the exercise of initiative on the court are taught, developed, and implemented through drills, competitive games, and shooting contests.

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Field Hockey

Our competitive field hockey program is designed to teach individual skills and team concepts to both the beginner and the experienced player. Campers will refine basic skills and learn new strategies consistent with the latest trends in field hockey.

Daily small-sided games and situational drills will strengthen player skills under the supervision of camp counselors. Our staff will focus on improving each player’s ability to read different situations on the field to enhance team attack and defense. Questions will be answered as to how and when certain things are done on the field, and why.
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The lacrosse sessions at camp are designed for girls at all levels of play. Players are grouped by age, ability and experience.

The coaching staff will work with the players to build skills in throwing, catching, cradling, scooping, checking, and shooting. Small-sided competitions and full-field games will also be played to develop a tactical understanding of the game. Goalies will receive individual instruction specific to their position.

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At SPIRIT, volleyball sessions are designed to develop fundamental volleyball skills and to provide players with real game experience.

Players work on refining their technique for passing, serving, setting, hitting and defense. More advanced players are grouped together in order to raise the level of skills taught and increase the challenges for those experienced players.

The program includes a variety of skill sessions, games, drills, scrimmages and tournament situations.


Beginning, intermediate and advanced players are involved in soccer at our camp and will be placed in instructional groups according to age, ability, and wishes.

All phases of soccer will be covered with the emphasis being placed on the development of skills, techniques, and an understanding of the game. Small sided games are played allowing for each player to handle the ball multilpe times under pressure.
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During our softball instruction sessions, fundamentals are stressed, including; fielding, throwing, batting, running the bases, pitching and catching.

All campers will develop skills, learn techniques, have fun and increase their physical condition during our drills and scrimmages. The development of each camper will be enhanced by a low player-to-coach ratio.

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Whether you are interested in swimming as recreation, or have a desire for competition, the swimming staff is there to assist. As in all activities, the three levels of competency in swimming— basic, intermediate and advanced-are designed as a fun yet challenging way of progressing from beginner to accomplished swimmer. Instruction is available on all types of strokes, form, racing training and techniques.

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Interest in tennis runs high at SPIRIT where campers learn all facets of the sport. The courts are in constant use each season. Instructors are available to work with players at the novice and intermediate levels. In addition to working on skill development, the staff offers lectures on strategy and technique.

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Our cross-country program is designed for girls who want to become better runners. Runners are grouped according to their fitness level and experience.

Instructors provide guidance in both training and conditioning. The program also includes staff-guided daily runs suited to the age and ability levels of each runner. The distance of the runs and the tempo of the runs is based on fitness level.

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Campers will develop skills, learn techniques and improve reaction time as they play singles and doubles. In a fun environment, they will learn the rules and improve their game. We encourage beginners and intermediate level players to challenge themselves in this fast paced game.

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