Alumni Scholarship Fund

Alumni Scholarship Fund

Initiated 2012

K aryn Murray, a past Spirit Camper, CIT and Coach graciously initiated an Alumni Scholarship Fund to be awarded to an incoming camper.  In lieu of distributing wedding favors to her guests, Karyn decided to give back to something that has touched her life in a special way; therefore, she passed along the cost of wedding favors to Spirit in the form of tuition for one lucky girl.  Karyn’s goal is to offer a summer at Spirit to a girl who otherwise would not have the opportunity to experience the rewards of Spirit Sports Camp, and we hope to continue to award this scholarship on an annual basis through the Alumni Scholarship Fund instituted because of Karyn’s generosity.
Hats off to you, Karyn, that’s an incredible, generous and thoughtful gift!  You have made all of us realize how special the gifts we share with each other at camp truly are.
P.S.  The favors passed out at the reception were whistles with a note attached stating that in lieu of traditional favors, Karyn and her husband, PJ Lavoie, have donated to the Spirit Sports Camp Alumni Fund. 

To date, the Alumni Scholarship Fund has financed five campers who otherwise would not have been able to attend and enjoy a summer camp experience. We all thank you for your contributions and generosity in making a difference in the live's of todays' girls.

Alumni Scholarship Fund contributors include:

Kathryn (Murray) Lavoie
Courtney Farber
Cori Semple
Mandy Semple
Christine Walkowizc
Grace Walkowizc
Katie Russell 

Spirit Testimonial

“I attended Spirit as a camper, CIT, and coach spanning over nearly 10 summers of my youth. Now I am a nurse at Mass General, turning 30, and getting married. At this point as I reflect back on how I’ve managed to achieve all these goals I set for myself, I cannot help but give thanks and much credit to the Spirit Philosophy.
Not only do I have nothing but the fondest memories of the long summer days I spent on the fields and in the gym at Spirit, I also made friendships that have lasted a lifetime, and learned the tools to be a successful, confident women.  Imagine we did all this and still were prepared for upcoming sports seasons.
At Spirit I learned teamwork, confidence, and perseverance. The ability to work well under pressure, critically think and support other team members while they achieve their goals are all things I do now on a daily basis while working in a busy hospital, but first learned at Spirit Sports Camp.
I showed up on the Spirit campus as a meek and arguably awkward 10 year old tom boy and left 10 summers later about to graduate college, with a group of really supportive friends, strong  confident and ready to face the world.  Now as another decade has passed I still hold the memory of those summer days very near and dear to my heart.  I without a doubt, if I am lucky enough to have daughters, will send them to Spirit!!!!"
Karyn Murray, Boston, MA, Past Camper

Contribute to the Alumni Scholarship Fund

Would you like to give back?  Any donation will be happily accepted and pooled with others to help fund campers in need to spend two weeks at Spirit Sports Camp.  Tuition for one recipient will be $1,000; Spirit Sports Camp LLC will cover the remainder of the tuition.

To Donate Please Send a Check to:

Spirit Sports Camp LLC
2222 Charles Lane
Akron, OH 44333

Your name will be listed on the Spirit Sports Camp website along with other donors.
You are welcome to contact Margie with any questions or concerns at:

330-576-6117, 330-714-4898 or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it