Sports and Electives Offerings

Go outside your comfort zone. 

At Spirit, each camper designs their own schedule with the help of their advisors on the first day of camp. Campers in grades 5 and above choose 4 sports and/or electives in which to participate. Freshmen campers experience most of the sports we offer and choose the electives they are most interested in.

At Spirit, we emphasize teaching each player how to fully reach her potential in each of her chosen sports. Our exercises, drills, and training games are designed to teach individual techniques and tactics through creative and motivating sessions in an environment of positive reinforcement and communication. All sports are taught using the simple coaching principle that people learn and develop skills most quickly when they are having fun and playing in a positive and healthy environment.  We encourage campers to be the best they can be, and teach them to set goals and measure their own improvement.

At Spirit, we provide a wide variety of electives based on staff abilities and camper interest.  Through these electives we continue to teach girls to believe in themselves, support each other and try something new.  Collaboration, creativity and character building are components of this program.  Offerings in the past have included a capella, art/drawing/painting, coding, conditioning and strength training, creative writing, dance, DIY (do it yourself crafting), improv, individual sport training, nutrition and meal planning, photography and sign language.

We've got a wide variety of sports and elective offerings for you to choose from...

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Sports at Spirit
Field Hockey
Sports at Spirit Basketball

As with all the sports we teach, an integral part of the SPIRIT camp experience is the cultivation of sportsmanship and individual mental skills.

Our basketball sessions provide the opportunity for participants of any skill level to learn and practice the fundamentals of basketball (court awareness, dribbling, passing, rebounding, defense, footwork, and shooting techniques).

Strategic thinking and the exercise of initiative on the court are taught, developed, and implemented through drills, competitive games, and shooting contests.